TPL – Design is the building services consultancy, specialising in mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering arm of the TPL Group of Companies

The company specialise in adding value by assisting organisations and in particular end users. We have operated in a number of sectors, however our teams particular fields of expertise are resilient engineering, mission critical projects and corporate fit out.

We have a strong sustainability approach and the companies reputation has grown over the years as a result of continued high profile, high quality projects. Our commitment to a project is to maintain our high standards throughout the design process through to the successful hand over to the client A forthright and pro-active attitude into researching the client’s problems coupled with the experience to formulate real solutions is the hallmark TPL supply chain service.

Our Services

TPL-Design are able to provide technical survey reports detailing the existing M&E services infrastructure. These include but not limited to the following;

  • Life Cycle Reviews (All M&E Services)
  • Single Point of Failure review and remediation solutions without disrupting business continuity
  • Centralised plant capacities
  • Condition surveys
  • Change in spaces or validation of existing services against particular design criteria with respect to HVAC/Electrical/Public Health Services.
  • Review of the latest technology, their appropriateness for installation, sequencing of installation, advisement of overall performance improvement, energy and therefore cost savings.

TPL-Design are able to provide Clients with a concept design / outline scheme designs which allows Clients to certainty to the concept of the design prior to progressing to a full scheme design.

This approach allows close coordination with the Client and their team to determine their precise requirements which will enable the detail design to be undertaken.

The level of quality often provided as part of our concept designs / outline scheme designs are often progressed to such a level that allow the Client to proceed based on a design and build contract, if programme restraints and other budgetary factors exist, if they so choose.

TPL-Design are able to provide a full range of services with respect to Acceptance, Testing and IST (Integrated System Test).

As part of the process, we are able to couple our experienced expectations with respect to testing, in conjunction with the end users expectations and particular requirements for general testing.

We are able to provide full testing documentation for Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) as well as Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) to ensure that both manufacturer and contractor are fully aware of their duties from both a technical and commercial perspective.

In addition, TPL-Design can provide full test scripts for ISTs to ensure fully integration with all existing and new systems. Alternatively TPL-Design can provide an overview of expectation and sequencing to enable a Contractors Commissioning Manager to develop further.

TPL-Design are often instructed to carry out feasibility studies outlining the potential of adapting a building, a system or plant components in line with the client’s requirements, whether these be capacity growths, a change in technology or modifying an existing system due to change of use.

We understand that often these feasibility reports form part of potential budget agreements at high level, and therefore the accuracy of the reports are paramount both in with respect to the technology and system selection / configuration, as well as the practicality of carrying out the works detailed within our reports, coupled with an appreciation of the time taken to carry out the works sensibly with respect to out of hour works, testing, commission etc.

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