‘Sustainability’ means meeting our present needs without compromising future resources – by creating a responsible and profitable business that contributes to a good society. Our company’s principles, and our commitments to being a sustainable business, have been embedded in our corporate Vision, Values and Policies. These enable us to address long term environmental and social challenges on the journey to success.

TPL’s approach to achieving a sustainable future is to drive behavioural changes for continual improvement, to create a sustainable environment and to make life better for all our families.


Companies are now beginning to see the relevance of moral practices in their businesses. The need to raise the profile of sustainability in businesses is becoming a key concern – which acts as a tool for risk management, to prevent issues such as corporate fraud. TPL has taken important steps on the journey to become a more sustainable business, ‘We act responsibly and deliver for our clients’. This is our aim and our future.


Our pathway to changing behaviours is ensuring that we have employees of integrity at all levels, to embed sustainability across our businesses.

Technique Projects Limited