Our Team

We are a people based business which values and invests in its staff. Our people are the most important asset we have, and our aim is to provide them with ongoing development for the long term benefit of the business.

Our success depends on attracting the best people, offering them stability, developing their talent so that we can continue giving our clients the market-leading service that they are accustomed to.

Matthew Smith

Our people are key to our ongoing success’s, therefore investment in people is crucial to our business activities.

Matthew SmithDirector - Technique Projects Limited

What makes us different

As a privately owned family orientated business, our approach to people is genuine. What makes us different from other companies is that we are fair, we are diverse, we engage our people so they reach their full potential, and we believe in sharing the fruit of our success with all our stakeholders.

Examples of successes speak for themselves. Technique Projects Limited takes great pride in promoting from its pool of talent, developing people through training, qualifications and vocational teachings. Our knowledge base is the best in the business, and has helped build this company to what it is today.

Being part of our team is easy. We provide stability, a great and diverse place to work, cutting edge systems and processes, plus amazing support capabilities, development, care and opportunities. What we ask in return from our team is determination, ambition and your contribution to our Vision and Values.

Ethos and Culture

Our people are the most important asset we have, and our aim is to provide them with ongoing development for the long term benefit of the employee and business – in keeping with every aspect of our core values.

We are recognised for our outstanding client service and delivery approach, as well as the quality of our work and our commitment to Health & Safety. These strengths have helped us not only to win new clients but also  to retain key existing clients over the long term. From our current position we are well placed to expand into new areas, to continue our steady and successful growth.

Technique Projects Limited operations and activities are fully supported and managed through an integrated management system. This system, known as TPL protocol and has been designed to assure total compliance across the business, through the dissemination of clear and unambiguous information.

We also have appropriately qualified and experienced people in place, who are tasked with maintaining and developing our systems and driving standards of excellence and continual improvement.

QSH&E is seen as a key value of the company which underpins everything that we do – not just a strategy or a short term priority, but instead something that permeates throughout every area of the organisation. It is a permanent and essential part of our day to day working lives and is woven into the fabric of the way we do business. Our Senior Management proactively engages in all aspects of our HS&E Policy, which is delivered through the Safecontractor accreditation – and we endeavour to achieve best practice in all our activities.

Technique Projects Limited